Security and Think Tanks

Over the past two years I've been following more closely the progress various think tanks have had on Information Security or "Cyber Security".  It's been amazing to see how the progress of the conversation on the hill over cyber security started and the think tanks followed.  All, except for CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) where James Lewis has been doing it for some time.  I have to say that his analysis and thoughts on the subject, relative to public policy, have been the best of his peers.

I participated in the East West Institute's Cyber Security conference in Dallas last year.  It was interesting due to the individuals that participated, however, it's still too soon to say what insight to the subject they will add.  They recently posted their updated results of the meeting, which happened in May.

The realm of think tanks driving public policy initiatives relative to cyber security still is to be seen.  Yet, the view on the subject is still important and hopefully their insight will drive a bit beyond the academics and policy theorists that typically have those discussions to the actual practitioners who have been dealing with it for well over 10 years.