Innovation and the RSA Rearview Window

Reflecting on RSA this past week I think about the past 4-5 years thatI've been attending. As with any security practitioner, I hear a lot ofthe same presentations and think of the same problems that arepresented. As a result, I'm not very motivated to go to thepresentations as opposed to the expo. Yet, over the past couple ofyears the expo has left a lot to be desired. Every year, I enter thefront and go straight to the left. All the way to the back I start tosee the booths go from mammoth sizes to those that fit only two people.That's where I want to be. It's the vendors that spend their entiremarketing budget to come to RSA so that they can get the word out ontheir products or services. This is where I've always loved to see theinnovation and creative solutions to problems we all have.Unfortunately, that innovation and creative ideas have seemed to dry up.

I see some innovation in the larger vendors, but it's mostlyimprovements on already existing ideas. The innovation that I've alwayssearched for has left RSA. Where has it gone? I honestly have no idea.It's this innovation that I've always gotten excited about. It's theinnovation and new ideas that make me excited to be part of thisindustry. It's that innovation that I miss. I talk to a lot of salespeople in my job but I rarely get a call from those companies. I wonderif it would be good to do a "Security TechCrunch". I'd love to have asmall or start-up security vendor day for me and my team just to havethose companies do a Webex or come in and talk. Whatever the issue isI'm concerned that the innovation is gone and the reason we don't seethe ideas is that they don't exist anymore. If true, that would be asad day indeed.