The Benefits of APT's

Over the past two years, we have had a significant amount of awarenesson targeted attacks or Advanced Persistent Threats (APT's). The changein the landscape that it causes us to have significant angst has causeda dramatic change in industry. Over those two years the legacy cultureof holding information on attacks from other peers has fallendramatically. From the Hydraq incident in 2009 I've started seeing theopen sharing of information between peers. Later on we started seeingthe formation of groups of peers sharing the same information to drive amore mature exchange of attack data. Where the value of the data is onething, the most important issue is that we have started to truly migratefrom a hesitancy on sharing information to being very open.

There has always been a strong trust and openness between peers. Theconversations over the problems we have and their potential solutionshave been some of the best times in my career. Yet, the significantattack details that results in the compromise of the most sensitive datahave always been confidential. That's changed. The sharing ofinformation is not only helping mature organizations in defence of theirown networks but also ushering in the advancement of Risk Management,strategies and plans. Instead of just a head of security having aconversation with another head of security, we see the entire teamsgetting together between companies for the sharing of data. These arereally great times to be in security. The maturity and egoless workthat is being done now I haven't seen in over 15 years. I can't waitfor the next.