Things I Learned on my Extended Vacation

1) A bottle a day keeps the boredom away (wife's phrase)
2) 2 1/2 days of facial growth is the high bar that my wife can take
3) 2 Weeks of vacation is the longest anyone should have
4) Finishing the "honey do" list early only means other things will be added later
5) There is a 30-40 point drop in IQ after the second week.  usually resulting in comic book reading, watching reruns of Judge Judy / soaps and eating straight out of the cereal box.
6) Chestnut street is not that exciting on Wed at 1pm as it is on Friday at 7pm.
7) The Grove on Chestnut is the best place to have morning business meetings.  7 on my vacation
8) I am more than happy being a stay at home dad as long as I can keep the baby sitter.
9) Due to the IQ drop, playing with my kids is a LOT more fun.  However, when they bring homework home it goes down hill quickly
10) Going back to work when my mornings start at 10 and have to go back to 5:30 doesn't bode well.