The Dark Triad is the key to our Success

I came across this interesting article on why the "bad boys" are more attractive than the rest of us. Yes, I said "rest of us". I thought it was really interesting that there was actual studies done to determine why and come up with a working premise for it. Basically, there is a "Dark Triad" of psychological traits that drive behaviors in which the opposite sex finds attractive. Just so happens those traits don't really end up being positive.

In short they are:
1 - Narcissism - defined as an overly developed sense of self-worth and entitlement matched with intense egotism.
2 - Machiavellianism – defined by the person’s reliance on manipulation to get what he or she desires without regard to others as well as a cynical dismissal of morality as “for other people”.
3 - Psychopathy – a loaded term; it doesn’t refer to a violent maniac, but to someone defined by reckless thrill-seeking, selfishness, lack of remorse and affect and a certain level of superficial charm

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