My Mobile Life! Finally

OK, I've wanted to get to this point for a long long time.  I am now finally able to travel and not bring my laptop and work solely from my iPad.  Now, I'm not a power user but more of a "in the middle" type of worker.  Creating Office docs is not a common occurrence but something that does happen.  The main problem that I've had over the years is that the iPad is great for consuming content but not creating it.   I finally feel like we've started..... started to crack this nut.  Here are my thoughts and required apps.

1) Box.  Yeah, I know I'm not objective.  I do have to say that now I am using everyday the utility is well beyond what I expected before coming here.  I have all of my content on Box for access by any device.  My collaboration with it, via the many apps we'll talk later, is key for actually using Box.  Without them it's just a standard sync and share tool.

2) SmartOffice2.  SM2 lets me access all of my content on Box to create, edit and manage any Office doc and more.  Not all of the formatting is perfect but I've downloaded almost every app out there and I have to say that SM2 is the best right now.  Couldn't happen without it.

3) Notability.  Taking notes, in text and audio, is key for standard daily meetings and task development.  Putting them in Notability is great and drops them right into Box for me to share and manage.  Unfortunately, collaboration syncing is not great but still great.   

4) Paper.  Drawing is important for me to flush out ideas, taking complex thoughts and figure out how to convey them on paper and more.  Being able to draw them on the iPad and share them out is great for me.  Besides, the ability to take my doodling digital is a lot of fun.

5) Salesforce.  Accessing the CRM on the go is just key

6) WebEx / Skype.  Does anyone need to go into detail here.  Just core to any working toolbox. 

7) TripIt.  I can't travel without this.  All of my schedules are loaded up so I can organize them, be aware of changes in flights, etc.  I also share them out to others so they can know where I am instead of me telling them what the hotel is and where I am on what day.  More importantly, it syncs to my calendar so I don't have to think about anything.  (lord knows that's important for me)

Have a key work app?  Would love to hear about it.