Security Vendors Managing their Way to Innovation

OK, I've been in a very busy mode for the past three months.  So much for being on the beach or in early retirement.  In spite of being just utterly slammed with work and loving it, I've wanted to get my survey's out.  The last one, if you remember was the S3 in 2011, was supposed to be followed up with another one the next year.  Well, the survey and many other things never got done in 2012.  So here I am trying to get them done before I go back to work as a productive member of society at the end of the month.  Instead of just one, I'm doing two surveys.  The first one is looking at the security vendor community and innovation.  Something near and dear to my heart especially since I've been so focused on the startup / VC community lately.

Remember, everytime you take a survey an angel gets its wings.

BTW, please pass this around to anyone in industry.  The more responses we get the better the data.