Chatham House's push for Cyber Security Information Sharing

Ever since I went to Chatham House a couple of years ago I've been following their work in Cyber Security.  Dave Clamente just posted an article on their work to drive the recent "Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership" (aka CISP) on the UK.  It amazes me how far the UK has progressed over the past 5 years in relation to information sharing, corporate outreach, etc.  Francis Maude MP is driving the CISP and seems it will be a success.  In contrast here in the U.S. we find ourselves slamming our heads against the wall trying to do the same.  The most recent effort is the CISPA v2 bill that was introduced just in February.  

It's a sad day when we led the way in security program development and are being leapfrogged by others taking it more seriously.  If you're in London on the 27th and want to participate, sign up and join in.