What Four Months of Vacation Will Give You

As all of you know I've been on "vacation" for the past four months since I left Yahoo! in January. In that time I've been focusing on the VC and startup environment. It's been something that I've wanted to do for years and have had some of the most fun in years. I was intending on taking a year off and focusing on having "fun" again, however, It's in those times, I guess, that exciting opportunities happen.

Over the past month I've had some fantastic conversations with Box. Getting to know their product, people and direction has been fun. We all know that the utility of our computing environments is changing before our eyes and the online collaboration services are key in that. As I learned more I got more and more interested and excited about what they have done, in relation to security, and where they are going. I believe in the leadership, dedication to security and their overall dedication to building enterprise collaboration services that revolutionize how we interact together. That's why I jumped at the chance to take the role as Chief Trust Officer. In that role I'll be responsible for the security strategy and customer relationships. I can't wait to start later this month and work with Aaron Levie and the amazing company he's created in developing mature enterprise collaboration solutions.