Going back to work

Now it should be no surprise that I'm excited to go back to work.  My new role at Box is very exciting and I can't wait to start.  I do, however, need to reflect on some deep lessons learned over the past 4 months since leaving Yahoo!  I thought I would pass them along for your amusement.

  • Waking up later than 5am is much more rewarding than I ever dreamed
  • The security community is still alive and kicking.  The overall social and camaraderie has been great to reconnect with after 2 years of isolation
  • The over/under of my wife seeing my face in the house during the day is 2 weeks (+/- 1 week) before there's a "talk".
  • The security market is hotter than I've ever seen in my career.  On the other side, most companies are still struggling to understand what they are looking for.
  • Having more time around the family is great and very rewarding.... right up until I get the list of "to do's".
  • The economics and ecosystem of security startups and VC's is fascinating and oddly simple.  Yet that simplicity is fraught with many common sense "gotchas" that create a higher percentage of failures than should be.
  • Out of the hundreds of VC's there is a very small amount that are security savvy
  • The startup and VC ecosystem is highly social and very small
  • I can grown a wilderness beard in under 3 weeks.  Add in a plaid shirt and I can get a job chopping trees in Alaska.
  • There is an amazing amount of fun reconnecting to security innovation and building businesses
  • When given the decision between sitting on the couch or filling my time with my industry and work.... I chose the work
  • Based upon the above point I've come to the conclusion that I need therapy
  • Just because I moved from wine to scotch for smaller consumption does not mean smaller calories.
  • Tony Horton (P90X) is a sadist but I can't stop doing it the videos