2013 Somaini Security Vendor Survey

My dad used to say I was a day late and a dollar short.  My promise to get the survey out at the end of last month was a complete failure.  Well, here it is.  Thanks to everyone for filling it out and participating.  I have to say the results were very interesting.  The full report can be viewed here.

Below are a couple of points


  • Small vendors and/or startups are and will drive innovation as opposed to larger security vendors.
  • Innovation needs to occur in five key areas (Application Security, Cloud, Mobility, GRC and Virtualization)
  • Practitioners want to engage startups at the Pre Beta and Pre GA phases

Security Practitioners

  • 2013 budgets have increased overall, yet large companies are receiving more security investments than smaller companies.
  • Over 40% of smaller companies are having their budgets stay the same
  • Employee / Security Practitioner ratio is roughly .5%
  • The main methods to learn about innovative companies are via Industry Peers, Security Conferences and Internal Company References.

Security Vendors

  • Zscaler, Palo Alto Networks, Bromium, Tanium and FireEye and others rank the highest for innovation
  • Startups and Practitioners both desire for Pre Beta and Pre GA engagement
  • Sales Models
  • More than 50% of practitioners are either indifferent or do not see a value in VARs
  • Field Sales teams are desired much more than inside sales teams at about 60%