Long Time Reader, First Time Blogger

Having been in the industry a while, I diving into the world of social media by sharing my opinions on all things InfoSec via my good friend Justin's blog. 

As a brief intro, I've built and matured the InfoSec programs at the two largest security vendors in the industry; I've run security assessments and helped define and execute InfoSec strategies for the clients for two of the most prominent consulting firms in the industry; and, I've worked nearly exclusively in the high-tech industry my entire career.  

Justin and I have worked and collaborated on projects together for the past five years. Since working with Justin, I've laughed, cried, and vowed to do better in our own attempts to protect our employer's Crown Jewels while trying to better our teams, ourselves, and the industry as a whole. And though we have differing styles of execution, we share a passion for Information Security and Risk Management.

That all said, I'm tremendously pleased to be posting here on Somaini's Cyber Security Blog. Thanks Justin for bringing me on-board!